Huon Gulf admin corrects RESI ‘misinformation’

Lae News, Normal


HUON Gulf district administrator Tony Ase has described the recent report of a K16 million RESI payout to all schools in the district, as misinformation produced by people who did not have the authority to release such information to the media.
Mr Ase was speaking on behalf of Huon Gulf MP Sasa Zibe and the district administration.
Mr Zibe was furious with the report and said he was not aware of any RESI funding being released to his district.
Mr Ase said any information regarding the release of funding from the district had to be approved by the chairman of the joint district planning and budget priority committee with verification from the district administrator.
He said the Huon Gulf district was one of the first to launch the RESI programme, but to date, there had not been any funds allocated to the district treasury.
Mr Ase said the person who released this information to the media would face disciplinary action and advised all school boards, teachers and the public to disregard last weeks news report.
The media statement released last week contained promised allocations to schools within the district that amounted to more than K16 million.
The media release came from the Huon Gulf electoral office at Malahang.