Huon-Gulf declares winners in LLG election

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday July 24th, 2013


HUON Gulf district in Morobe has elected all its ward councillors, including presidents for Morobe and Salamaua.

The only exception is Wampar. Wampar urban assistant returning officer Clifford Wembiong said on Tuesday that counting for the president’s seat will begin at the end of this week.

The district has 66 wards, including Morobe 22, Salamaua 17 and Wampar 27. 76 candidates contested the presidents’ seats for the three LLGs.

Two females are among those contesting the presidents’ seats in Morobe 23, Salamaua 20 and Wampar 33.

Salamau aassistant returning officer and manager Joe Paru said Philemon Tomala, a former Busama-Lutu councillor polled 1,314 votes to dethrone Joshua Hagai who scored 920. Former president Yalambing Daumbing was runner up on 1,182.

Tomla served three consecutive terms as councillor before resigning to contest the president’s seat and becoming the new leader for 17 communities.

In Morobe Post, Otti Bagiro, from Amoa village, unseated Michael Gape from Sapa village.

Gape was chairman of the LLG in the past six months during Governor Kelly Naru’s leadership.

Wembiong said only minor hiccups were experienced but villagers managed to resolve them.

He said candidates contesting the Wampar LLG president’s seat met on Tuesday to choose the counting venue.

“The candidates picked two venues – the National Agriculture Research Institute (NARI) 10-Mile or Wampar station. We are yet to decide,” Wembiong said.