Huon Gulf submits priorities to Wenge

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HUON Gulf villagers submitted their list of priorities and concerns to Morobe Governor Luther Wenge on New Year’s Day.
Top of their list was the fear of a cholera outbreak on the Markham plains.
The village project development committee presented the list to Mr Wenge in Zifasing.
Mr Wenge toured Gabensis and Zifasing villages last Thursday and Friday.
The villagers complained that they had been without clean water, health services and electricity although, they reside between two national highways (Bulolo and Okuk).
They claimed their children’s education was also disrupted due to lack of proper health services and sanitation for both pupils and teachers.
An environmental problem is also looming with the flooding of the Rumu River in  Zifasing which is building up sediments, threatening the national highway and the village.
Mr Wenge assured them that all the issues and concerns would be resolved by 2012.