Husband/wife give K10,000 to hospital

National, Normal

The National- Wednesday, January 19, 2011


MONDO Merchants, a locally owned company operating in Mt Hagen, yesterday donated K10,000 to the Mt Hagen General Hospital’s out-patient ward.

Company owner, Alois Ulkyupanga and his wife Cathy presented the money to the chief executive officer Dr James Kintwa at the hospital and witnessed by out-patient ward sister in-charge Sr Jennifer McKup, Dr Micheal Dokup and other staff.

Ulkyupanga said it was part of his company community initiative to give something back to the community by helping the hospital to buy new medical equipment and serving the influx of people seeking medications every day at the hospital.

He said the money would buy medical equipment needed at the out-patient ward.

He told Kintwa and his staff that the hospital was going through some changes and if there was any possibility of his company assisting the hospital, he would consider that in the near future.

Kintwa said the out-patient ward was serving more than 400 patients every day and needed many basic types of equipment to serve the growing population.

He thanked Ulkyupanga and his wife for the timely donation. 

Kintwa added that the surrounding communities must take ownership of the hospital by looking after its staff, it would boost the staff moral to 

do more to serve the people.