H’way rehab start in Lae, end in Hela Kopiago


THE K3 billion rehabilitation of the Highlands Highway will start in Lae and end in Kopiago, Hela, Works Minister Michael Nali says.
Nali was responding to questions by Komo-Margarima MP Manaseh Makiba about the rehabilitation of the highway which was launched in Goroka last Friday.
“Highlands Highway from Lae to Mendi started in the early 1950s but the sealing only started in the 1980s,” Nali said. “The sealing of the road started in Lae and ended in Mendi and covered parts of Enga.
“Highlands Highway goes from Lae to Mendi to Kopiago and over the years it should go to the Strickland onto Oksapmin-Telefomin and West Papua.”