Hydro-electric power survey in Imbonggu

Highlands, Normal


A SURVEY is being carried out in the Imbonggu electorate, Southern Highlands province, to tap into hydro-electric power from river currents.
Imbonggu MP Francis Awesa said he hoped to do this with the help of a Taiwanese system, known as the LCS hydro-electric power generation system.
Last weekend, two Taiwanese officials promoting this system were in Mendi to inspect potential sites along rivers for the power generating equipment to be set up.
One of them is Hong Jin Duei.
The engineers will use the data collected to design equipment to suit local conditions, Mr Awesa said in an email.
He added that PNG Power would be asked to assist in the project.
“I believe the provincial government and other local authorities should be involved too, to ensure the viability of the project.
“The system would not only be environmental friendly but also cost-effective in the long run while producing clean energy.”
Mr Awesa said the system could also be replicated in other parts of PNG to provide a constant supply of electricity all year round.
Basically, the system uses the momentum of flowing river water to drive turbines installed in them to generate power. It does not require dams to be built, and is noise-free and does not hinder the flow of water.Mr Awesa said the electricity generated could be fed into the PNG Power system.