Hydro electricity for Hela

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KUMUL Petroleum Holdings Ltd (KPHL) and the Hela government have signed an agreement to establish a hydro project outside Tari town to add to the rural electrification projects and programme in the three districts there.
KPHL managing director Wapu Sonk said the Hides in Hela to Lae power project was underway and Kumul was working in partnership to connect electricity to rural villages.
“Komo-Margarima MP Manaseh Makiba has purchased a 1.1-megawatt diesel generator but breakdown will happen,” he said.
“Also for the Hides power project, gas will run out one day, so it is important that we invest in hydro projects.” Another such project is possible in Komo-Margarima as requested by Makiba. Sonk said Makiba asked for a five-megawatt hydro but that would be determined by the technical team on the ground. Governor Philip Undialu said under the agreement, Komo-Margarima, Koroba-Kopiago and Tari-Pori development authorities would contribute 30 per cent and KPHL 70 per cent.