Hydro plant gets nod

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The National, Monday July 11th, 2016

A K16 million hydro power project for Menyamya, Morobe, will finally get off the ground after almost 20 years, according to Menyamya MP Benjamin Philip.
This follows the signing ceremony in Port Moresby last Friday between the State and the contractor, Jurudaya Construction PNG Ltd.
Department of State Investment and Public Enterprises acting secretary Dr Clement Waine praised Philip, saying Menyamya was the first district that would use its district services improvement programme funds to deliver a project of such size and value.
Waine said other districts in the country have done it through foreign aid.
“You (Menyamya) are doing it (hydro project) locally and that’s the model I think every Member of Parliament should do,” he said.
Waine said the hydro project would be funded by the Morobe provincial government and Menyamya district.
Philip said given the location of Menyamya, delivering services was costly.
He said the hydro project was one of three impact projects achieved besides schools and road.
He said Menyamya had plans to partner Bank of South Pacific to establish a branch in the district.
“I thank the Government. It took 20 years for this project. It was pushed by two MPs before me, it is now finally signed,” Philip said.
“The first K5 million from the DSIP will be made available for the hydro project now that the contract has been signed.
“This hydro project is important, Menyamya is a difficult place, and cost of service delivery is high.
He said the district also served people from Eastern Highlands and Gulf.

One thought on “Hydro plant gets nod

  • Very good but illogical move by the Hon. MP that time. Very basic government services are all ruined and run aground and now going high on a project he cannot achieve with his DSIP funds.

    When you get 10 million per year for DSIP and you plan for a 16 million hydro project just before the next NGE sounds ridiculous. And again, engaging and unknown paper company who doesn’t have histories building power projects anywhere in Papua New Guinea.

    To date, project site sits idle, and not much has been done. From observations, a construction worth not more than K500, 000 sits incompletely funny here.

    So sad, our blind people have been lured.

    I pray this guy use some logic and fix small things first before firing funds on unachievable and not promising projects like this. There’s no logic here when basic services like the rural district clinic is run down and no bank agent is there and what the hell are you trying prove?

    It only exposes your incapability as a leader. I can say, this regime isn’t able to envision Menyamya’s future well.

    Thank you, Nello, Menyamya.

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