I am so proud to be a Papua New Guinean

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday July 4th, 2012

I THINK our people have proven themselves to be a remarkably resilient lot in the face of unique challenges we faced in the past 10 months or so.
We have seen and experienced political turmoil, law and order problems, exorbitant food and ac­com­modation prices, poor health and education outcomes and a dysfunctional election process.
But there is not much bloodshed, mass protests and murders, bom­bing of go­vernment buildings and hospitals, gun-wielding students or terrorism.
No matter what international and some local “ex­­perts” say, Papuan New Guineans are coming of age slowly but surely.
We live on an island that is blessed with every ima­ginable resource needed
to survive and prosper.
We make fun of ourselves but all in good jest.
We love each other, no matter how much we annoy and criticise each other’s unique cultural behaviours.
For every problem, there is something worth celebrating and I am so proud to be a Papua New Guinean.

Mi Hamamas Tasol