I am the NA NGI deputy leader: Semoso

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“I AM the duly elected National Alliance party deputy leader for the New Guinea Islands region.”
This was the message from Bougainville regional MP Fidelis Semoso at the weekend.
Mr Semoso called a media briefing on Saturday to reaffirm his appointment, further indicating that it was a waste of time for ousted deputy leader and Pomio MP Paul Tiensten and others to challenge his appointment as it would only destabilise the party strength and governance in the region.
“My appointment is legal and final and in every possible way in accordance with the NA party constitution and I want to reassure the NGI public and NA members and supporters in the region that I will serve to my best knowledge for the benefit of the region and I will in turn need all provincial NA branch support in the region,” Mr Semoso stressed.
Mr Semoso was elected two weeks ago in an urgent meeting convened by the NGI executive in Port Moresby after Mr Tiensten’s NA membership to the ENB branch was removed earlier last month.
The reasons behind Mr Tiensten’s initial sacking from the ENB NA branch, are not fully known as yet but reporters were told last Saturday that his case was a serious matter to be addressed internally.
Showing strong support for Mr Semoso at the news conference were NGI regional governors Leo Dion(ENB) and Peter Humphries (WNB) and other NGI NA executives including Sinai Brown and vice president of NA NGI bloc John Tuka.