I bribed health official: Director

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Paul Dopsie
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A BOMBSHELL jolted the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) inquiry yesterday when the managing-director of a logistics company claimed that he paid a K100,000 bribe to a member of the National Department of Health (NDoH) Technical Evaluation Committee.
Global Customs & Forwarding Ltd (GCF)’s Harupa Peke told the PAC that he paid the bribe to Paul Dopsie several times for invoices in order to be paid on time for delivery supplies.
Peke filed a letter of complaint to NDOH secretary in May 2017 stating bribery allegations against Dopsie after several instances of delays in payment.
He also filed a letter of complaint to the NDoH secretary in May 2017, stating the bribery allegations against Dopsie after several delays in payments.
He also filed a letter of complaint to the NDoH secretary in May 2017, stating the bribery allegations against Dopsie after several delays in payments.
“I never received any response from the secretary but was later called in by a National Executive Council (NEC) audit team about the letter.
“I had to withdraw the letter again because I felt that my life and business were at risk,” Peke said.
GCF, formerly known as Loha Customs and Forwarding Ltd, was previously engaged by AusAID for K15 million to distribute 100 per cent medical kits in Mamose from 2012 to 2014.
The company then secured its first contract of K8 million with NDoH in 2014 to deliver medical supplies, again in Mamose from 2014 to 2017.
Peke also revealed that there were witnesses and a few government officials involved in the bribe who were summoned by PAC to appear in the inquiry next Monday.


  • Em tasol ya named all the crooks and leaches that have sucked the public coffers dry at the expense of the taxpayers. Bomana wetim ol stap.

  • It is encouraging that people are now coming out reporting bribery and mal-practices. On the other hand, in this case, the briber and the bribee must equally face the consequences of participating in bribery.

  • This is just a tip of an iceberg…more corruption yet to be uncovered. If this government is serious about taking back PNG, whole Health officials, from Secretary down to technical official involved in Drug procurement and distribution tender process must be terminated.

  • All government department and statutory bodies are all corrupt like healthe department. The current PAC is the best one for the country and should expose other dealings in other department as well. The next main department to be investigated should be the National Education department going back as far as year 2000 to current and all former secretary must be investigated and exposed.

  • PAC should do similar to all GOVERNMENT AGENCIES. Not only contracts but money spent in millions for activities that do not take place in the Districts and Provinces.

  • Apply additional charge and penalty to these corrupt crooks and dealers. Love of money caused significant delay in distribution of life-saving medical drugs resulting in many unnevessary loss of lives.

  • Harupa Peke actually estimated that he had paid approx K100,000.00 in total to Paul Dopsie over a period of time. The bribe amounts were between K20,000 to K30,000 each.

    This is the tip of the chain. Paul Dopsie needs to clarify who received the bribes.

  • Good to name those bribery faced. What are shame for Paul Dopsie to accept bribery. You are paid to award contracts and medical kits be served on time. Not wait bribery to release medical kits and award contacts.

    Please send such hooligans to BOMANA.

  • In criminal law, both the ” giver and receiver of corrupt gift or bribe will be equally guilty of the offence of bribery as charged. In such situations, the State or police can use owner of logistics company as a State witness to ensure Paul Dopsie the Health Dept employee is convicted for bribery. Once convicted these precedent case can be used as deterrent to other potential public servants in our country.

  • So NEC is also involved in the bribery according to Peke’s statement, that he had to withdraw the letter because his life and business were at risk. Can the PAC Team also investigate that from the NEC level? Please, we PNGians are sick and tired of the bureaucrats selling PNG off. Can the government take some tough measures on the bureaucrats’ actions?

  • It’s a shame that even educated Papua New Guineans can so easily ignore the pains of lack of medicine and medical care in rural areas, and instead make personal greed their primary concern. Their greed has made them immune against the feeling for those who are dying in rural aid posts and health centers. They fail to acknowledge that money deviated, is medicine deviated. They should be ashamed, those no brainers!

  • iam not excited though i am very ashamed indeed. how would the culprits come to face the dying poor citizens back in jimi through PAC and courts. are you going to walk in? crawl in? fly in? or walk backward in? SSSSSHHHHAME ON YOU. Warders in bomana, be ready for these animals and others more to come. here we go marape and PAC chair.

  • Why government officials from top level to bottom always want to steal??? Government should investigate all government department staff from the secretaries down to the cleaners or tea boys.

  • Bribery has been admitted, so as the “busy/pressure man” job for the health dept secretary, I mean what was he doing all these time.

  • The corridors of the Waigani Bureaucracy stink with CORRUPTION, especially the bribery syndrome! “You pay me this much & I will address your query or claim”.
    Prime Minister, if we are going to take back PNG, start with the greedy, selfish, corrupted Public Service hooligans who roam the public service corridors of LLGs, Districts, PHQs & Waigani. These bunch of criminals will break laws & regulations to become filthy rich overnight.

  • Why do they have steal when they already have enough from their earnings? It is very obvious that they love money and are greedy, only concern about buildimg their empire, not having any concern for the very nation they serve which they belong. Shame on them. They should be send to Bomana and from there back to their village to till their land. Blacklist them so that they do not get any employment. Ol boys long Bomana, luksave long ol. Ol kam.

  • Paul Dopsie, was in vanimo hospital as CEO for few years after he left the bank .later he got a job some where in pom and iam truly surprise to see his name appear in question by pac. He’s one of many culprits. He got into vanimo hospital by a group of AOG,S CHURCH MEMBERS were running the vanimo hospital, taking over every position, that how paul dopsie got in. I DONT TRUST THAT MAN. PAC PLIS MEKIM SAVE LONG EM. SALIM EM IGO LONG BOMANA, NAGAT NARAPLA HAP.

  • Please, please what are shame doing bribery & accepting bribery at the expense of little people whos life seems of no value dying like rats when you are enjoying perks & privileges at the top level. All who are doing that be careful your days are numbered.

  • Who was the health minister around that period 2012-2017?
    Appears he has all the answers.

  • Investigate other department – NHC, Lands, Education, Works,Agriculture, APEC and all departments –
    Even the Parliamentary Services

  • Its really sad to see those people whom we called Leaders failed the us by indulging themselves in corruption and bribery. Truly disappointed by the Leaders of today, we trusted them but yet they failed us so miserably, what a tragedy, people have suffered for so long and now it is the time to hold those cronies accountable for their failure.
    Finally I would like to commend the work of the PAC and other relevant people who are doing their best to serve justice for the people of PNG. “PAC FOR THE PEOPLE WITH THE PEOPLE.”

    May the blessing of the Lord be with PAC and other relevant authorities as they continue the good work.

  • Dopsie, is it you? Hard long toktok na hard tru lo believe! Be a man stand up and defend yourself because your name is already written on the wall!

  • Please send all these thieves to Bomana, set up work. This is what happen to all departments, including Lands, NHC, CS etc. If you pay me I will release your money, that’s true. Ok than i will add that amount into the claim so you get your cut. That’s how it works.
    employ new people in these corrupt Departments, who can do the honest work and survive only on salaries. Little secretaries and filing clerks are keeping and hiding files and making it very complected. Now is the Time

    How many lives loss, it is the cause… i curse all of you. You all will face it coz this word am speaking is powerful.

  • It’s a disgust to learn about this. Have you any conscience that what you were engaging in was wrong? Think about how many lives already lost due to no drugs for treatment because of our greed. Its sickening to come to think of all these. All involved need to be prosecuted.

  • “Through such fraudulent practice, services/drugs are not reaching people in the remote places in the country where many are dying of curable daises.
    PAC is doing good job, review thoroughly and freeze their business account and assets accumulated through such illegal activities.
    Really, embarrassing to know such high profile people cheating and living in such way… Idiot Indeed…”

    From Solomon Isaman

  • I commented earlier to correct some misconception about Embassy in Jerusalem which is totally irrelevant.
    However, yesterday and all other days when the PAC inquiry report came on, I always commented that the TEC and the 20 years experienced Paul Popsie will know a lot of information and now we can truly see that Paul Popsie has to answer more.

    He landed himself a very nice job with the company who was awarded the contract to supply medicine. This is a very nice way to get a very prestigious award for a job well done. A job of corrupting officials, a job of compromising the HEALTH of every Papua New Guineans, a job of knowing who the TEC members are, the Secretary and all others.

    Secretary Pascoe will NOT bow out in silence, Administrators, Governors, former Ministers and selected Members of Parliament, Chief of Staff, Chief Advisors and many more big people have already joined the Bomana Club and it’s a very prestigious Club where the Selection is carried out by the Waigani Courts. So Paul Popsie and Secretary Pascoe seems to have passed all test to get into that Bomana Club. Congratulations on them but I only feel for myself, my family, my tribesmen, my district, my province and my country because such people like Popsie and Pascoe didn’t CARE for us but their enhancement……

  • Peke wants his claims, Dopsie And the other Government official are the opportunist who are playing games just to take a slice of the cake. It is all being arranged initially and kept secretly. Now it is a dynamite blast just to break the bondage tied with chains under the tables. We got eyes above, below na namel. Stop being fools

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