I have done my bit for Lufa

Letters, Normal

The National – Monday, January 31, 2011

I DO not need to reply to the letter by the so-called “Concerned Lufa” of Port Moresby (The National, Jan 27). I challenge the writer to come to Lufa and see what I have done so far for the people of Lufa since I was elected in 2002.
I am a grassroots people’s leader and I have seen the plight of my people prior to 2002. Since I came into office in 2002 I have done a lot of things for the people of Lufa.
Secondly, the problem at 4-Mile in Lae is not in my electorate in Lufa and I will only step in to assist upon invitation from the Morobe Governor Luther Wenge or the Lae MP Bart Philemon.
I have may own law and order problem in the district which I and my law and justice sector personnel in the electorate have contained to some extent.
The law and justice sector in Lae is capable of handling the situation there to bring the perpetrators to justice and restore peace at the settlement.
Thirdly, everybody who travels the Highlands and Ramu highways in and out of Lae know that the 4-Mile section is known as one of the notorious areas that you will encounter along the highway corridors.
A lot of stone throwing, especially at night, bag and mobile phone snatching from travelling vehicles and other criminal activities are a norm in this particular area.
It is therefore up to the community leaders and people living in the 4-Mile settlement to solve these problems with their elected leaders.


Yawa Silupa MP
Member for Lufa