I have nothing to hide, says ‘suspect’

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PORT Moresby police are still investigating a “road rage” incident involving two motorists on the Poreporena Freeway and Kennedy Road last Saturday where one of the drivers fired gunshots.
A Boroko police station spokesman said last night that the complainant, EMTV’s national sales manager Peter Jackson, whose vehicle’s windscreen sustained a bullet hole, did not turn up at the police station late yesterday to press charges.
Mr Jackson’s version of events differed from the other party (named), who filed a complaint on the same day with Four-Mile traffic police and Boroko police.
The “suspect driver of the yellow sports car with a black stripe” said yesterday he was acting in self-defence when he used his firearm against what he believed was a life-threatening situation against a “very drunk” person.
According to the police report filed last Saturday, the “suspect” had complained that during a heated argument with Mr Jackson, words were exchanged to the effect that “I am going to smash your f****** car right away”.
“Mr Jackson said he was confident that the police would deal with the matter appropriately.
“I agree and I ask why he took out a baseball bat out of his vehicle and threatened me with it.
“Can he also explain why he bumped into me when I stopped my vehicle outside the (named) restaurant for fear of my life?”
He said he had cooperated with police from the onset and was disappointed that Mr Jackson had to resort to his friends and colleagues in the media for a “one-sided” version of what transpired last Saturday.