I pray for our children everyday

Letters, Normal

The National – Thursday, December 30, 2010

 I read with some disdain the acting Prime Minister asking us to pray for PNG.

I pray everyday for the children dying from diseases that can be treated with a doctor’s care and medicines that the health professionals do not have. 

I pray for roads are sealed so that children do not die from the effects of dust accumulating in their lungs. 

It is not a pretty sight to watch a child die because it is like watching someone being suffocated. 

I pray everyday that we can stop children from being born HIV positive. 

I pray that diseases like TB, cholera and typhoid are given the priority to stem the deaths that are occurring from one side of this beautiful country to the other. 

I pray that all children can get an education and that their teachers actually turn up for work and teach them.

I was at Nadzab Airport on Monday when the acting prime minister arrived on the VIP jet. 

I truly hope he took a good look at the state of the roads from the terminal out to the highway and the disgraceful condition they are in.  

I hope that when he got to Lae, he would see the deplorable conditions of the roads and the dust that they create and the terrible condition of our vehicles as a direct result of the atrocious conditions.  

Yes, I pray the acting prime minister that next time he sits in the beautiful jet and grand cars with his entourage that he would open his eyes and heart to all the people that have to put up with this neglect.



Sherron Lewis

Managing director

Lae International Hospital