Ialibu-Pangia sees progress and development under O’Neill

Letters, Normal

The National, Friday 13th July, 2012

FOR the benefit of all, let me highlight some of Peter O’Neill’s achievements, which are reasons why people  in Ialibu-Pangia should support him.
During the time of former member Roy Yaki, many died due to lack of medicines and aid posts.
Road conditions were poor, there were no PMVs, children struggled to get to school, radio reception was poor and the people were disconnected from the  rest of the country.
When O’Neill became the member, he brought about many tangible developments such as road-sealing, new office buildings, quarters for public servants, delivery of EMTV, radio and mobile phone services, upgrading of schools and implementation of various ward council community development projects.
He is now upgrading the Wiru road.
He subsequently be­came prime minister and we are indeed  thankful.
Prior to the elections, Pangians said they would return O’Neill un­opposed.
People in  seven council wards of Yaro in West Pangia constituency signed an agreement to do so.
O’Neill, in many of his speeches, said “I will not let you down”.
We believe  he will deliver his promises.

Seven councillors of Yaro-Yabi