Ialibu teams share crown after scoreless grand final


KENDAL Tarangau and Swamp Cowboys were named winners of the Ialibu Rugby League premier division after a scoreless draw in the grand final in Southern Highlands last week.
Mendi Muruks forward Nathan Tanu and Central Dabari Philemon Kimisive led Tarangau and the Cowboys respectively.
The Digicel Cup pair laid down the foundation for their teams but neither side were able to find a winner.
League president Thomas Undupie thanked all the 20 clubs that competed in the 2020 season.
“It is uncommon to complete grand finals in the Highlands,” he said.
“But we maintained our peace and love for the game, and I thank all our supporters for ensuring a successful season.”
Undupie said despite the Covid-19 pandemic, they were fortunate to complete the season.
“In 2019, we completed our season and we did it again in 2020,” he said.
Undupie said the league had introduced its women’s division in 2017.
“We continue to make progress each year and the new season will be no different,” he said.
“Our women are continuing to improve and we are happy with their progress.”
Meanwhile, Cowboys beat Tarangau 4-0 and Koromi Tigers edged Kana Souths 5-4 in the women’s and Under-20 grand finals respectively.
Undupie thanked Robin Talopa and other senior Digicel Cup officials for coordinating the grand finals.

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