Iamo denies claim of lack of reps at climate summit

National, Normal

The National, Thursday 08th December 2011

OFFICE of Climate Change and Development acting executive director Dr Wari Iamo has dismissed claims by the Eco-Forestry Forum that there was lack of government representatives at the United Nations conference of parties climate change summit.
Iamo confirmed that Papua New Guinea had a large delegation attending the conference in Durban, South Africa.
He said forum executive director Thomas Paka should not be concerned because he knew that the conference had been well covered by relevant government agencies.
“We make a difference in participation in the meetings, side events and the presence of senior OCCD and other government bodies to nurture those in need at the climate talks,” Iamo said.
“Our effectivity and contribution is measured by leadership and ability to contribute to the negotiation process and outcome and not on who is there or not.
“There is adequate representation in numbers and senior officials that I do not see as an issue.
“And the important thing is that we work as team with other developing nations on issues for a binding agreement.”
Vice-Minister for Climate Change Roland Asik, Department of Environment and Conservation Minister Thompson Harokaqveh, Ambassador Lucy Bogari of Foreign Affairs, and Iamo joined the PNG delegation team of technical experts in Durban for negotiations.