Iamo warns about con groups in carbon trade

National, Normal

THE public has been warned to be wary of certain groups registering clans to participate in the carbon trade.
Office of Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability (OCCES) acting executive director Dr Wari Iamo issued the warning after receiving news from East Sepik province that a group was registering clans to participate in the carbon trade from the Hawain Forest Area.
Such activity is also occurring in other rural areas where cunning educated individuals are targeting illiterate rural people and cheating them of their hard earned income while misleading them on carbon trade issues. 
“Right now, there is no climate change legislation and frame work and we cannot go around creating Reduction Emission from Forest Degradation and Deforestation projects.”
The OCCES is still working on the legislation and frame work.
He said police cannot arrest and charge those carrying out this activity because there was no Climate Change and Carbon trade Act to use.
“OCCES is the only authorised organisation to handle carbon trade issues in PNG,” he said.
Dr Iamo urged all landowners not to enter into any agreements with private companies involving in carbon trading until the rules, policy and legal framework have been determined for carbon trading in PNG.