Iarowari Secondary School students participate in health expo

Health Watch

IAROWARI Agro Technical Secondary School students in Central’s Sogeri participated in the Homestate Co-operation Ltd health and hygiene expo at the invitation of the Health Department.The expo products include Jasmine Rice, Jasmine Gold, Super A One Rice, Star Rice, Frangipani Rice, Brown Rice, Sweet Rice, Star Salt and the new Jumbo instant noodle.According to Homestate, the Health Department invited them to celebrate the day with students under the “Safe now for a healthy tomorrow” theme. “We explained to the students about hygiene and food safety for the products,” the company said. “It is our responsibility to ensure food safety and aspire to maintain international health standards.”Homestate supported the event with 10 cartons of drinking water and 10kg Jasmine Rice and donated 10 kg rice bags of each brand to the school for sampling.

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