IBS, media to discuss education

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The National, Monday June 24th, 2013


THE Institute of Business Studies (IBS) in partnership with the PNG Media Council will run a media conclave on “Opportunities and Challenges for Education in Papua New Guinea”.

The event will be the first of its kind in the country and is scheduled to be held tomorrow.

During a press conference on the event, IBS chairman Mick Nades thanked the PNG Media Council for accepting the opportunity to address education issues in Papua New Guinea.

Nades said the PNG Media Council was a powerful force and was vital to make the event a success and thus continue into the future.

PNG Media Council president Joe Kanekane commended IBS for taking the initiative and partnering with the PNG Media Council to host the event.

Kanekane said the event would be a platform that would involve people from different arenas, including political and academic, thus aiming to create change in the education sector in the country.

The discussion is scheduled to be focused on four gaps on education identified by a group of experts representing all the stakeholders in the field of education from government to media as follows: access gap, equity gap, quality gap and finance gap.

The discussion will be a studio event with a representative audience and will take between 60 and 90 minutes.