IBS opens up 2010 scholarships

Normal, Papua

THE Institute of Business Studies (IBS) is seeking eligible candidates from Grades 10 and 12 school leavers to be awarded 10 scholarships to study at the institute beginning this academic year.
This was announced at IBS first open day on Saturday for 2010 courses and new intakes which saw more than 200 people, mostly parents and students and other potential school leavers, turning up to pick up course and fee information.
Interested students also had the opportunity to pick up the scholarship application forms at the open day.
IBS innovation and development team leader, Vani Davis said the scholarships were being awarded for Business Studies, Accounting and Compuer Courses.
“Candidates will go through a rigourous screening process and awarded to those who meet the academic and merit requirements of the school,” he said.
Mr Davis said a second open day will be held this week. Those eyeing for a scholarship can attend, fill-out and submit application forms.
Scholarship winners will be announced in the second week of next month.
He said IBS maintained strong support to the community for students who have the potential to excel but are left out of tertiary education due to lack of space and financial constraints.