ICCC sets fares through recommendation from RTA: Ain


THE Independent Consumer and Competition Commission (ICCC) says fares determined by the ICCC are the upper limit, and applies only on those routes approved by the Road Traffic Authority (RTA).
ICCC highlighted this in a statement in response to the public motor vehicle (PMV) operators, such as those in Lae who went on a strike during the first week of the year.
Commuters had refused to pay the increased fares and complained about it, even though it had been approved by the ICCC through National Gazette No.G888 of 2021.
“ICCC is authorised under the Prices Regulation Act to set PMV and taxi fares of the country,” chief executive officer and commissioner Paulus Ain said.
“There are no other government agencies or organisations responsible for setting the fares for PMV (both urban and non-urban) and taxi fares.
“Any fees, charges or levies proposed by any other bodies will be illegal.”
He said the new fares had been set after consultation and an industry review with operators and commuters.
“Commuters are complaining that the increase in fares imposed by the PMV operators is too much while one operator in Lae was reported to have complained that the increase in fares has discouraged commuters from getting on PMVs.
“PMV and Taxi operators are allowed to compete by charging at or below the maximum fares set.
“However, they cannot charge above these fares.
“Any operator charging above these approved maximum fares is in breach of the PR Act, in which the fares are determined.”
Ain said the ICCC could not determine the fares for every bus stop along a particular route nor did it set the rates or charges for freight or cargo carried by passengers on board a PMV or taxi.
He said the commission worked with RTA and Police to ensure that PMVs and taxis were charging the correct fares set by the ICCC.