ICCC: Shopowners supply goods fairly to consumers

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The National, Friday December 11th, 2015


THE Independent Consumer and Competition Commission says shop owners have a responsibility to ensure the fair distribution of goods to consumers. 

The commission was responding to concerns raised regarding the limiting of the amount of goods a consumer can buy – such as onions which are in short supply.

Some shops have been limiting customers to the number of a particular produce they can buy.

Commission consumer protection executive manager Avi Hubert said it did not breach any consumer protection policy and had been a practice carried out by retailers not only on fresh produce but other goods as well.

“It’s often a measure that the retailers take due to a limited supply of goods. In the case of onions, it has been noted with the recent shortages. So retailers believe are restricting the purchase by customers to ensure a fair distribution.

“As we know, consumers are not of the same level.

“There are some that may purchase taking into account their ability to do so.

“The measure carried out by our shops and retailers should be seen as a bonus for our average consumers because this will see the availability of onions to all.”

A spokesperson for Stop N Shop said they wanted to ensure that everyone could buy onions which was in short supply.

The Government imposed a ban on the import of vegetables to promote local farm products but partially lifted the ban recently because of its shortages.

Farmers in the Highlands region have also been supplying onions and other vegetables to Port Moresby and other towns.