ICCC to ban risky baby items

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The National, Thursday July 18th, 2013

 THE Independent Consumer and Competition Commission (ICCC) will ban certain baby dummies, soothers and pacifiers that do not meet safety requirements.

ICCC Commissioner Dr Billy Manoka said: “Certain baby dummies, soothers and pacifiers create a risk of choking, strangulation, injury or death, particularly children under three years old. 

“At this age, children have not yet developed the reflex action to cough up objects that lodge in their throats or avoid pointed objects.”

The commission is urging businesses and individuals not to supply any goods that are used as baby pacifiers if they have decals; stickers or ornaments such as crystals, beads or “bling” that can detach and form small parts, which can be easily swallowed.

Goods which are contained in packs that include any pin, ribbon, string, cord, chain, twine, leather, yarn or any other means of attachment are also  possibly dangerous. 

Some of the main requirements that have been set for dummies, soothers and pacifiers are as follows: 

a) The product must be made of non-toxic material; b) should not contain sharp edges, or points; and c) must be of proper and sound construction so that no part of the product could come off when in use.