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The National, Tuesday 02nd April, 2013

I REFER to a letter “Spare parts price hike” by “Consum­er” recently.
The writer was concerned that motor vehicle spare parts prices have not fallen as they should have with the appreciation of the kina.
The writer said al­though it was raised with the Independent Consu­mer and Competition Commission (ICCC), no action was taken.
The commission aims to en­hance competition in the economy and advance the interests of consumers in securing greater choice in price, quality and ser­vice.
With regards to the wri­ter’s concern, the ICCC has a general responsi­­-bility to look at consumers’ complaints, al­though its statutory powers in that area are fairly limited.
But the commission has the responsi­bility under the ICCC Act to prevent anti-competitive conduct, in­cluding the collusion between competitors on prices, discounts, al­lowan­ces, etc.
The ICCC also has responsibilities in relation to conducts such as where a manufacturer, wholesaler or im­porter requires business to which they supply to sell goods at no less than a prices specified by the supplier.
In the context of the spare parts industry, for instance, a supplier cannot force a wholesaler to sell a spare part at not less than a specific price.
This means the wholesaler cannot tell a retailer that parts supplied must not be sold at less than a specified price.
It means that retailers, wholesalers or suppliers, including im­porters, ma­nufacturers or industry as­sociations, cannot joint­ly agree on a price and discount of rebate for a spare part.
The ICCC is conducting an inquiry to ascertain if such conduct occurs in the spare parts industry in PNG.
I would be grateful if the public, including the writer contact the commission if they are aware
of any instances of anti-competitive conduct as outlined above at:
1st Floor Garden City, Angau Drive
P O Box 6394, Boroko
National Capital District, PNG
Tel: 675-325 2144
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Dr Billy Manoka
ICCC Commissioner