Identify parks, MPs told

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MINISTER for Lands and Physical Planning John Rosso wants MPs to identify their recreational parks and other sites in their provinces and districts.
He said the MPs should then liaise with his department so the areas could be vested with the city management or council.
Rosso was responding to questions raised by East Sepik Governor Allan Bird on public spaces across the country which seemed to be sold to private individuals.
Rosso said the ministry was also working to amend the Land Act to protect public places and land ownership rights in PNG.
He also took the time to explain that the Jack Pidik Park issue was a “complex issue” and had nothing to do with the current Government.
“This is a legacy issue of past governments who handled this issue and now we are trying to rectify it,” he said
“This issue was done in 1991, 30 years ago.
“There is a lot of issues in regards to this, what had happened was that there was a title that was held by the TST group, the Government at the time wanted to extend the Port Moresby General Hospital so they gave the land to the hospital.
“The Government, in its wisdom in 1991, gave a lease to the Boy Consultancy Services Ltd, which is associated with TST, and changed the name to Capital Centre Ltd.
“NCDC (National Capital District Commission) was not consulted, NCDC started the battle 30 years ago with the company that got the particular piece of land.
“Last month, a court order was issued, it has been to court numerous times. While the title was given, it was a recreational area, the title they gave to Boy Consultancy Services Ltd was for a business lease to my knowledge.
“Now, we are studying the lease to see if we can unravel the web of problems and legacy issues.
“The minister at the time, NCD Commission refused the planning zoning, they appealed to the minister at the time and the minister upheld the appeal and gave it to the company.”