Ignorance leads to disciplinary issues in police


THE ignorance of senior managers and front-end supervisors of the policing value chain have allowed disciplinary issues in the police force to escalate, says Internal Affairs director Robert Ali.
Ali said the current problem in the directorate was identified and they were addressing it.
There was a total breakdown in effective supervision in the force, he said.
Ali said disciplinary problems within the force were not external problems, they were internal problems – within the organisation – and many policeman were harbouring them. “All of us as senior managers cascading from the commissioner down to the front-end of the policing value chain are aware of these problems. We are not opening our mouths and speaking about it, that is why we are allowing these discipline problems to continue.
“These problems are living on borrowed time, meaning they are a continuation of problems by our expression, permission and will.
“If I see it and do not speak up against it, I am allowing it to continue and technically I am guilty of contributing to the continuation of the discipline problem,” he said.