Ignoring teachers’ plight only worsens our children’s future

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday October 23rd, 2013

 IT is good to see teachers resigning and looking for other jobs. 

So far, I have more than five teachers working with me and getting well-paid by the company. 

The so-called Teaching Services Commission (TSC) and the government who do not care about the teachers’ welfare are threatening to terminate them. 

I wonder if they were educated in heaven or know about the hard work and the commitment of the teachers over the years that got so many Papua New Guineans educated. 

Teachers are human beings; they have wives and children, they need to pay school fees for their children, they need to send their families to hospitals and they need proper food and houses. 

They work hard every day and they are the backbone of this nation’s development. 

They must be paid the money they deserve instead of K300-500 a fortnight. 

The TSC, the Education Department and government have turned a blind eye on the teachers’ pleas  for better compensation for the great service they provide to the country while they sit in their comfortable chairs and issue threats.

Shame on them. 

Just send your kids to private schools or overseas and forget about us. 

If the concerned authorities do not care about the welfare of the hardworking teachers, what makes you think they care about our kids? 

Albert Eka, Via email