Ikumu urges leaders to work with police

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Police enforce laws and they do not remove settlers unless there are court orders in place, says NCD Metropolitan Supt Gideon Ikumu.
Ikumu said that there had been numerous fights in the Koki and Badili area that had caused inconveniences to neighbours, travellers and business houses.
“The fights are usually caused by a particular group of people from Goilala,” he said.
“These people have been living in the heart of the city, causing inconveniences, and many have been arrested and detained consistently but there have been no changes.
“Whenever fights arise, police are always there to contain the fights but as soon as they leave, the fights arise again,” he said.
Ikumu said police could not address these issues alone.
“The NCD and Port Moresby South MP should have better urbanisation plans to settle these people.
“These people reside in settlements and come out to cause problems to the public.
“Police are doing their work all the time to stop these problems,” he said.
He said yesterday morning there was a fight between Hagen people and the same group of Goilala people.
“These issues have been happening every day and leaders and police should work together to address them,” he said.