Ikupu calls on stakeholders to assist Motu-Koita Assembly

Normal, Papua


THE Motu-Koita Assembly (MKA) chairman Miria Ikupu has called on relevant stakeholders to intervene and respond to their pleas for more financial support next year to meet its obligations in delivering basic services to its 50,000 Motu-Koita people.
He made this call yesterday in a press conference highlighting that the only project they implemented this year in education was the school fees scheme.
“We have successfully implemented the education school fee scheme for all Motu-Koita children  and will continue next year as the success of this city lies in its human resource,” he said.
Mr Ikupu said MKA had already started a K3.8 million project to upgrade additional transformers to improve electricity in Elevala village and had requested further funding of K3.9 million to carry this out in all villages.
Plans are also underway to service the areas of the east and west of Port Moresby by building infrastructure.
But firstly, he said, they have to identify land and look into starting a micro finance scheme with a budget allocation of K700,000 for the small people.
Mr Ikupu said he was determined to bring the Motu-Koita people forward next year with the assistance from all stakeholders including the Government, NCDC, Central provincial administration, donor agencies and foreign partners. 
He appealed to the Government to look into their plight saying that it was a “genuine one” because MKA was formed by the Government.
“We do have business plans to carry out projects in 2010 but our problem is finance.
Right now our hands are tied and we can not move forward,” he said.
He said the MKA was receiving a monthly grant of K360,000 from NCDC but that was not enough to cater for basic Government services for a population of 50,000.
He also said NCDC had promised to give K10 million but only received half the amount and were waiting for the other half to further carry out their plans for next year.
The MKA has been operating for only one and a half year and has experienced in the short political life, financial constraints.
“We are deeply grateful for the continued support from the Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare and his deputy Sir Dr Puka Temu, NCDC Governor Powes Parkop, Inter-government relations Minister Job Pomat and other ministers.”