Ilau tells scholars to be serious in studies

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The National, Wednesday 5th September, 2012

ENVOY to Indonesia Peter Ilau is urging Papua New Guineans studying in Indonesia to take their studies seriously.  
Speaking at the closing ceremony of a pre-departure training for 27 students at the Indonesian Embassy in Port Moresby yesterday, Ilau said it was not a right but a privilege accorded to them by the government.
He attributed the sponsorship by the Indonesian government as a “development that should be embraced”.
He said it was an excellent time for students to take the opportunity in the programme to learn as much as they could.
Scholars were advised to take their studies seriously.
He said the scholarship did not end with them.
“Your performance will contribute to future students as well,” he said.
Ilau said he had not heard any complaints from local students in Indonesia.
He said he was pleased to have witnessed a product of the programme when students undertaking studies there had setup the embassy’s website in Indonesia.
Students were presented with their certificates of pre-departure training, visas and airline tickets.