ILGs given land titles

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AT LEAST six incorporated landowner groups in East Kove, West New Britain, were given their land titles at their doorsteps to their delight this week.
The six ILGs on the south coast of the province are Mia, Tamare-Kalapeai, Makati-Lokave, Tamare-Moputu, Tamare-Vesse and Tamare-Kou who received their titles at Silovuti.
They have ambitions to venture into a major oil palm project with developer Sherrington Ltd to develop 99,000ha and this is closer to becoming a reality after they obtained their land titles on Wednesday after 15 years of trying.
Lands Registry managing director Andie Malo and his officers along with provincial administrator Williamson Hosea and his divisional heads travelled to Silovuti to hand over the titles. Malo urged the six ILG chairmen to consult with their members before they entered into any agreement with any developer.
He said people should know the benefits they would be receiving before any development agreement was signed.
Meanwhile Hosea said the oil palm project would transform the area and bring in road connections between Kimbe, Kandrian and Gloucester.
He said he had seen the company plans that would give back greater benefits to each family in their respective ILGs.
The East Kove people have plans to partner Sherrington, a subsidiary of logging company Bismarck Ltd to venture into the oil palm project.


  • Its quite sad to read that they received their ILG after trying for 15 years, these processes must be made easier and quicker with transparency so that development can move faster. It is because of these kind of delay process that is a hindrance to development with projects.

  • IS RH aware that, ‘One of the most important RSPO criteria states no primary forests or areas which contain significant concentrations of biodiversity (e.g. endangered species) or fragile ecosystems, or areas which are fundamental to meeting basic or traditional cultural needs of local communities (high conservation value areas), can be cleared.’
    Who owns Sherrington Ltd or Bismark Ltd no trace on Internet

  • Say a big NO to any new oil palm development in West New Britain at this age and era. Very sad be to see the CEO of the province blindly acknowledging the proposed developer who doesn’t have a track record of any involvement in oil palm industry and knowingly committing the province to destruction of its forests biodiversity. VERY SAD INDEED.

  • The processes of acquiring the land title is too long, this is not right, how comes this can take that long years to process the land title documents. There is something wrong in the Lands department, they have to check the people working there and give them some motivation to work tirelessly around the clock to get those paper work fast tracked so that land owners can have all those documents in hand to prove that they are the custodian of their land. That is their right, the Government must not mingle around with peoples land.

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