ILGs to enable citizens to register

The National,Monday June 27th, 2016

THE registration of Incorporated Land Groups will get citizens to register themselves quickly, deputy secretary for Constitutional and Law Reform Commission Isaiah Chilion says.
Chilion said the land reform policy required  registration of citizens to be annexed to the ILG certificates as proof when they apply to receive their ILG certificates.
“It’s through participation of various sectors of the community that will enable us to get our citizens to register quickly, which is a government policy,” he said.
“With the participation of the private sector and other government sectors this will lead to quicker registration because it takes time to get citizens registered.” Chilion said the approach taken by New Britain Palm Oil and other companies would assist the ILGs to administer under various project developments.
“In relation to the expiry of the ILGs that were registered under the previous laws, those ILGs will automatically cease by March 12 next year,” he said.
“That will pressure all our resources sectors, including the oil and gas and mining and the deadline is already set under law.
“I’m glad that a company has come forward to assist the government in ensuring that the existing arrangements that the companies use to deal in their transactions are maintained even after the date of the expiry.”