I’ll be a movie star

Hard at training in the Taurama Aquatic Centre.

GREETINGS in the name of our risen Lord Jesus Christ and peace be with you.
My name is Philemon Brian and I’m from Goroka, Eastern Highlands.
I have a very keen desire to take a path that leaves a trail especially in the film industry.
I’ve been working for the past 16 years on this passion and dream of becoming an international actor and I will because it’s inevitable.
I just got confirmation to attend a screen acting course at one of the world’s better known filming institutions in Los Angeles, California – the Michelle Danner Acting Studio.

Leave a trail
Setting a goal is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible. Someone said “do not go with a path that has a lead; go on a path that does not, and leave a trail’.
And this is exactly what I’m aiming for in the filming industry. You see it’s not even unbelievable when you try idolising someone or put your best effort towards something, it can probably bleed unto your hand and that is called the law of attraction.
I’m not amused but insatiable, still incapable of being satisfied until my dream is a reality. There are many ways to get out there and get things that we thoroughly want in life but basically it all begins with how we choose to think.
I have some professional friends in Hollywood – actors and actresses – who are in my line of career choices. I don’t choose professional acting because I want to be famous or I want to have a lot of money; I choose the art of acting because I love acting so much.
People are rewarded in public for what they’ve practiced in private for years. I believe that the road between dreams and the reality is through commitment and discipline. We are all here through natural birth and if anyone can make it to his/her goal at any point in time one then it’s possible for me.
With that mentality in place I’ve perceived things in accurate manner despite the circumstances and situations that I’ve been through. You know, sometimes we must appreciate the fact that everything happens for a reason. In order to be an amazing goal achiever we have to accept the fact there will be obstacles and to prime our brain to recognise those obstacles and to back it up with a plan. And guess what, we are not going to be amazing dreamers but achievers as well.

Hollywood dream
I will make it there to Hollywood and prove myself worthy for something. Someone says to me “shoot for the moon, and if you missed you’ll still be among the stars.”
It’s simple, if you want to be selective, you got to have friends that will enable you to grow physically, mentally, socially, spiritually, financially, etc.
has received some motivation from a few Hollywood celebrities, even chatted with them personally, and joining their Facebook fan pages, groups, following them on Instagram, etc.
If you have a challenge, see yourself with a result already. My challenge is to be an actor! And I am already the man in my dream. It’s just a matter of turning the invisible thing into the visible. And I’m working so hard around the clock to get myself fixed before departing to Loss Angeles next year to begin my acting career so that at the day of reckoning won’t be painful for me.
I’ve been interview on NBCTV by host Kiniva Kasimani. She said it was the first of its kind for a Papua New Guinean to pursue a dream career in Hollywood. Indeed it is.
Like I said it’s inevitable for surely it will happen. It has been 16 years of hard work and now I got myself a place secured and I’m not going to miss this call. This is my entire future on a golden plate. For the past 16 years I’ve been through ups and downs in life but the only thing that kept me going is my dream. And I will do whatever it takes until that dream becomes reality. The dream was sometimes complicated and perplexing in detail but the thought of being an actor is what picks me up and gets me going.
It is a subjective process in the subconscious mind to go out and find those things to match with them episodes of the dream.

Philemon Brian being interviewed by NBC’s Kiniva Kasimani recently.

Find your motivation
The world is filled with talented people and yet many of those people have gone unnoticed the world never had a chance to be exposed to their talent. That is just because they have not found something that they believe to be worthwhile for them or to motivate them in a direction which has the unlimited blessings of omnipotence.
I’ve been accepted for the 2020 intake of the Michelle Danner Acting Studio. My goal is to complete the Diploma in Screen Acting there and work there as well. There are employment opportunities for international students who aspire to begin, improve, or polish their acting skill set and even expand their resumes.

I’m also a student of former kickboxing champion Stanley Nandex and I’m not lucky but blessed with all those martial art tactics as well as punches and kicks that I’ve learnt in that period. It’s an honour and great privilege and I will treasure those moments.
It’s not just fitness or self-defence that we learnt but also how to discipline ourselves and be responsible youths as well. That’s where my journey began.
After accumulating all those skills I made an oath to utilise my talent to do what I love to do most and that is screen acting. I’m still training under the Nandex Kickboxing Federation at the Taurama Barracks today. Thanks to my chief coach the man himself – Stanley Nandex you are an inspiration to the world!
I have some personal achievements in my life and I will be my own amazing goal achiever because I trust myself.
You’ve got to know the specific reason and get yourself clear in what you’re doing on this earth.
Then don’t just think about it. I wrote it down and pasted it on my wall because that is the subjective process that engages the subconscious mind to begin to go out there and find those things.
Does Does it come easily? No. Can I do this? Yes. And also it will be your ride to comfort you when you have some challenging moments. I’m not just talking or listening! I am doing it. It’s for your own benefit.
Your mind is like a magnet; when you think of blessing you will attract blessing. Likewise, if you’re a kind person more people will be kind to you too.

Your word is power
I don’t compromise. I don’t care what people say about me. I care for what I say about me. You won’t be defeated by what people say about you but by what you say about you. Your word is power. Watch your word. In the beginning was the word…life and death is in your tongue.
To me success is the sum of small efforts done repeatedly day in and day out. I have come a long way and there is no turning back.
You see, man was originally endowed with noble powers and a well-balanced mind but through our first parents’ disobedience this power of excellence was perverted and selfishness took the place of love. And it’s all there – that power. You have to seek and find it. You will find it.
But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness then everything shall be added unto you. I’m just seeking my own greatness.
I’m not trying to steal a wreath from anybody else. Discover your own potential and capabilities. If it’s hard, then do it hard. Nothing is easy! It took me hard work and sleepless nights to come this far and I am an optimist.
Have the ability to look at the brighter side of life even in the face of adversity. I got to take personal responsibility to make it all right. It’s all realistic from my own perspective.
I once heard someone say the impulse of dream has slowly been beaten out of me through the experience of life.
Don’t let that be you. Pain will make you grow. Failure is success in progress.
My training is self-sponsored and I need some help at this point. Kindly contact me on 71346059, email: [email protected] Facebook: Philemon Brian. I’m currently taking acting classes online from various Hollywood acting coaches and technique instructors. My intention is not to surprise them but to amaze them. And I will do whatever it takes to make my goal a reality.
If our country does not have the necessary training for enthusiastic individuals like me then I have to go out there to take some acting classes.
I had started browsing through the internet and found some attractive acting schools in Australia and got in touch with them.
I’ve been receiving some positive feedback as well from film institutions like the New York Filming Academy, Academy of Filming Theater And Television and Screenwise Australia’s leading film and TV schools for actors.
I met Alexandra Guarnier, the managing director of the Michelle Danner Acting Studio Loss Angeles, California online.
She messaged me on my Facebook account and said something about her acting school and it sounded really fascinating.
I’m one of their 2020 screen acting students; I’ve recently paid my registration, administration fees and visa shipment fees online.
Now I’ve got what I need I have only to prepare and sort things here at home before the day of reckoning when I leave PNG next year.