Illegal activities thrive in barracks

National, Normal

ILLEGAL activities continue to thrive inside police barracks because police officers and their families are not adhering to the standing orders issued by the metropolitan command to ensure discipline there.
While condemning a recent incident in which a young school girl was stabbed and wounded at the Waigani Games village barracks, acting Assistant Police Commissioner and National Capital District and Central Police Commander Awan Sete warned that strict disciplinary action would be taken against members of the police force who were found to have compromised their position and status.
Mr Sete called on every member of the Constabulary living in the police barracks to take ownership of the initiatives implemented by the Metropolitan commander Supt Fred Yakasa.
He said the clean-up exercise and the crack down on illegal activities within the barracks such as brewing and consumption of illegal liquor, gambling, unauthorised sales of wares, accommodating relatives, indulging in binge drinking and so fort, must cease immediately.
 “As police officers the onus is on you to take ownership of the initiative and drive this forward as professional law enforcement officers.
“You cannot expect Mr Yakasa or the commander to come down and clean your shoes,” Mr Sete said.
He said wives, husbands and children of police personnel must also conform to the barracks standing orders because they belong to the discipline cycle within the constabulary.