Illegal buildings face demolition

National, Normal

ILLEGAL buildings in Lae face demolition in three months time, the Morobe provincial physical planning board chairman George Naemon warned yesterday.
Mr Naemon said building structures built without the physical planning board approval would be demolished as soon as the board and the police were ready to move in.
He said developers who bypassed the physical planning board and construct buildings illegally would have their buildings demolished.
“We have standards and procedures to follow in this city.
“Anyone wishing to construct a building must first come to the physical planning office and consult with the board and its officers about the proper procedures to follow in having their buildings constructed,” Mr Naemon said.
“Besides, we are working hard to set building standards for the city and developers, who are not aware of these standards should consult the board to avoid spending a lot of money only to have their buildings ruled illegal by the board and the provincial building board.”
He said it was wrong for developers to go ahead and construct buildings and then coming to the board to seek official approval.
“Follow the correct procedures and you will avoid all the inconveniences,” Mr Naemon said.
He said there were so many illegal buildings being put up around Lae and the board would seek police support to demolish them.
“This will happen in three month’s time,” he said.
“I appeal to the developers to bring their development proposals to the board for approval before construction begins. Follow the law and everything will be fine for you,” he said.
Mr Naemon also appealed to customary land owners in and around Lae city to consult with the physical planning board before allowing their land to be developed.
“It is your land but your land is within the city boundaries and are subject to physical planning laws,” Mr Naemon said.
He raised concern that a major factory being built on customary land in Lae might not have a proper sewerage system.
“We must have uniform standards,” Mr Naemon said.