Illegal connection in capital city becoming an issue, Eda Ranu says

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The National, Thursday October 24th, 2013

 A WATER connection into a property at Gordon Industrial has caused leak to overflow onto sidewalks, Eda Ranu says.

Chief operation officer Dr Fifaia Matainaho said this on Monday to clarify a media report claiming that it was sewerage overflowing in the area.

He assured a technical team had attended to the property and worked on fixing the leak.

Eda Ranu was yet to rectify whether the connection was illegal.

He said illegal water connections were an issue, particularly involving industrial and business premises. 

The water utility does not make money from more than 50% of the water it supplies into the city. 

Under its non-revenue water project, Eda Ranu has inspected 1,528 properties and disconnected water mains.

Matainaho said: “Disconnection of mains started at Rainbow, Gordon and Hohola. Out of the 1,582 inspected and disconnected a couple of months ago, only 555 responded or 42% paid up and got their water connected.  This shows that there’s some progression on what we do.”

He said Eda Ranu would continue with the non-water revenue project into all suburbs in the city.