Illegal fishing worry raised


MARINE resources are vital for the economic survival for people living in the islands.
A good example is the island of Budibudi in Samarai Murua, Milne Bay.
This small island survives entirely on marine resources, especially fish, which they eat and is an income earner.
Reefs and corals are becoming scarce as more and more technology is used to harvest fish, living the ecosystem barren and empty for the growing population.
We need to address illegal fishing and the over-harvesting of marine resources in the waters of Milne Bay and other maritime areas in the country.
Papua New Guinea is too weak to protect its Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).
Illegal fishing and over-harvesting of marine resources are on the rise, but PNG does not have the means to police our waters.
The Defence Force should protect the EEZ and keep illegal fishing boats away.
A couple of weeks ago people on Budibudi Island found two Asian fishing boats on the island.
When they approached, theAsians gave them rice and tinned fish to keep them quiet.
Government services do not reach the island because it is far from town.
This is a problem not just for Milne Bay but for all of PNG’s maritime regions.
The government needs to take this issue into consideration and do something to protect marine resources from illegal fishing.

Kedasha, 28 Up

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