Illegal imports go up in flames

National, Normal


THERE was one big bonfire last Friday not to celebrate Christmas but to destroy sex items, illegal drugs and other illegal imports confiscated by law enforcing agencies during the year.
Items that went up in flames included multi-copied DVDs, CDs, pornographic materials and sex aids confiscated by the Censorship Office.
Deputy chief censor Jim Abani said these multi-copied or titled DVDs such as the 88-in-1 or 100-in-1 were all banned by the minister this year.
Mr Abani said this was because the movies were mostly pirated and were cheap reproductions, which were most often not censored and rated by the Censorship Office for public viewing.
He said though the DVDs and CDs were banned, many were still sold on the streets for K10.00 which was a lot cheaper than the genuine movies sold by licensed movie sellers.
Among other materials that were destroyed were pornographic movies, posters, calendars, magazines and gas lighters, along with various sex toys and aids.
Senior officer Carey Orere said they also destroyed sex enhancers or medicines that were illegal.
Mr Orere said these medical aids would only be released to the owner upon proper prescription from a recognised doctor.
However, if there was no one to pick them up with proper medical prescription, then the Censorship office confiscates them for destruction.
Mr Abani appealed to the general public to stop buying DVDs or CDs from the streets but invest in those from licensed operators for good Christmas entertainment, since Christmas is the peak time for these.