Illimo milk going on sale in Port Moresby retail stores


MILK from the Ilimo Dairy Farm outside Port Moresby will hit the shelves of city supermarkets tomorrow, says sales manager Rene Manangan.
He said the milk would be sold for K6.60 per one-litre bottle.
Manangan said the public was given a chance to taste the milk at various free-sampling spots in the city over the past week.
He said they had a free-tasting booth at the TST 4-Mile Supermarket yesterday at 2pm.
The last tasting will be today at Hohola TST Supermarket.
Manangan said the milk would be sold at retail shops like
Stop N Shop, RH Hypermart and TST. He said the shelf life of the milk given out at tasting events was seven days, but milk sold at supermarkets would be stored under cool temperatures and therefore have a longer shelf life.
He said they would sell initially in one-litre bottles and later in 250ml bottles.
Manangan said the milk would be available to Port Moresby residents for now and later be available in other centres.
The product was first presented to National Planning and Monitoring Minister Richard Maru last month.
It was launched on Feb 6.
Israeli-owned Innovative Agro Industry Ltd owns 50 per cent of the dairy business, Central government 30 per cent (land equity) and the State 20 per cent.

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