Imbonggu appears neglected

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday October 30th, 2013

 I SUPPORT Morobe Governor Kelly Naru’s call for the replacement of Works and Implementation Minister Francis Awesa. 

I have attended some public forums, heard speeches by Awesa and am unimpressed. 

The prime minister should install a young, vibrant, visionary and result-orientated person in the works portfolio to get results from the millions of kina that the government is pumping into projects around the country. 

There is little development seen in Awesa’s Imbonggu electorate. 

I drove to Mendi last month and observed that the roads from Kagul River to Mendi are worse than ever and are torn apart. 

If Awesa cannot even bring much-needed services to the electorate he represents, is the ministry the right place for him? 

Naru is making the right call because Lae is the industrial hub of the country and its problems must be well-attended by the national government. 

Allie K

Mangi, Morobe