Imbonggu farewells Kaiabe

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THE Imbonggu district development authority and people of Imbonggu in Southern Highlands farewelled their chief executive officer Allan Kaiabe in Mendi on Wednesday.
The arena was packed to capacity as people from Imbonggu, other districts and Komo-Margarima in Hela arrived to witness the ceremony.
Kaiabe from Hulia LLG in the Komo-Margarima district had been in the district for the past nine and half years and resigned to reunite with his people and Joseph Ingipa from Lower Mendi in the Imbonggu district took up the post.
Imbonggu MP and Works Minister Francis Awesa described Kaiabe as a hardworking man who sets his aim on collaborating with the people and works towards honesty, transparency and prudent management.
“As the chairman of the Imbonggu DDA, I am saddened by his decision to resign as he has been the man behind all the developments that have taken place in the district,” Awesa said.

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