Imbonggu heading into right direction


IMBONGGU in Southern Highlands is starting to realise her potentials.
I do not doubt that my district is starting to grow.
People are starting to think outside the box.
Hela and Southern Highlands were the last provinces penetrated by Highlands Highway through Imbonggu, bordering Western Highlands.
In the early days of first Western contact, the Western culture had been rejected.
The civilised world was far from the district.
Because of this, development was slow.
However, this is starting to change.
During the early elections, people could not choose good leaders as the level of education in the district was poor.
People still practised tribalism and couldn’t tell a good leader from a bad one.
But today, I am impressed to witness Imbonggu heading into a visionary direction.
Young, vibrant and energetic intellectuals of Imbonggu are driving the district towards prosperity.
Through education, people in the district were able to learn many things and change the way they think.
Many of our young leaders are coming forward with their ideas of how we should improve our local economy.
People are starting to identify their mistakes and planning for a better future.
This is what is happening in Imbonggu at the moment.
I am happy that people are looking at the district with some good ideas.
We thought Imbonggu doesn’t have resources to generate revenue in the perennial cold barren lands.
We thought the district had no cash crops and minerals.
But this mentality is changing because our intellectuals are advising people to see that we have the resources.
People need to see that we have everything.
All it takes is to change people’s mindsets, and it is working.
I believe if such visionary people work hand in hand with our local MP, Imbonggu will continue to grow efficiently and effectively as a model district in the province and Papua New Guinea.
In order to maintain this spirit, our MP should appreciate this mobilise the intellectuals of Imbonggu, which is the “local brainpower”.
If our MP continues to support such thinking, I am optimistic that Imbonggu will grow in a proper direction to realise her potentials in the long run.

David Kennedy,
Proud Imbongguan,
Imbonggu Headquarters