Immigration wants to help fight illicit trade

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IMMIGRATION and Citizenship Authority (ICA) is ready to assist law enforcement agencies deal with non-citizens engaged in illicit trade and importation of counterfeit goods, says chief migration officer Solomon Kantha, pictured.
Kantha said there had been numerous reports of non-citizens being engaged in these unlawful activities with some being prosecuted and fined by the courts.
However, details of those non-citizens charged and convicted by the courts were not reported to immigration by concerned agencies.
Kantha said: “ICA is requesting law enforcement agencies dealing with cases of non-citizens who committed offences to involve immigration and to provide details of individuals and their companies who were charged so that appropriate action can be taken to deal with these individuals.
“Having a good character is a requirement for residency in Papua New Guinea and if non-citizens are not complying with the laws of the country, then their visa status will be reviewed.
“Unlawful non-citizens and those engaged in illegal activities are not welcome to continue to reside in this country.
“ICA will reach out to government law enforcement agencies concerned to ensure there is a mechanism in place to cooperate on investigations into non-citizens and where information sharing is promoted among agencies.”

One thought on “Immigration wants to help fight illicit trade

  • Foreigners who are involved in illicit trade should be deported. There should be tougher laws that govern the conduct of foreigners in Papua New Guinea. People cannot come and do anything they wish without considering the laws of our country. Papua New Guineans collaborating with them should be treated as treason.

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