Implement projects Basil tells councillors

Momase, Normal

The National, Thursday 20th September, 2012

BULOLO MP Sam Basil expects councillors in the district to implement projects in their respective wards.
Basil, the deputy opposition leader, announced this on Monday during the opening of a market at Gawapu village in Ward Eight, Watut local level government.
He was pleased to see the councillors building markets in their respective wards after receiving  funds from him in their personal accounts.
“When following proper development procedure from the district office down to the LLGs, there are too many protocols,” he said.
“A lot of time and money are wasted and the actual project eventuates late or sometimes not at all.”
Basil commended Cr Von Siling and the villagers for a job well done and for completing the project on time and providing the acquittals and receipts accordingly.
Monica Joseph, on behalf of the mothers and women in Ward Eight and neighbouring villages, thanked Basil for the K30,000 provided to build the new Gawapu Market.
The market is situated along the Bulolo Highway.
Monica Joseph said women were happy to have a proper place to sell produce and would go home with something, and will complete their job by selling all their produce and return home with something
 for the dinner,” she said.
Watut LLG president Waka Damon urged  youths in the area not to damage the market.
“Take ownership and look after it,” Damon said. Other markets in the Mumeng and Watut LLGs will be opened soon.