Implement suggestions, Ngangan says

National, Normal

The National, Monday December 16th, 2013

 THE Finance Department will make it a priority to implement audit recommendations from next year, acting Finance Secretary Dr Ken Ngangan says.

Ngangan said with the enforcement of provincial audit committees, all financial managers and officers at provincial administrations and government offices were required to implement the audit recommendations from the audit committees. He said that had been ignored over the years, although reports of findings and recommendations were established. 

He said implementing the recommendations  would enable the people to benefit from allocated funds for goods and services. 

“Many times there were audits that brought about reports, findings and recommendations that say how much work was done and what to do but then we do not implement them, don’t have time to read through the reports to understand what we were required to do,” he said.

“We will ensure that all audit recommendations are implemented and that will be the number one priority starting next year. 

“If there are constraints in implementing these recommendations, then at least have that made known or report the constraint. Otherwise, recommendations have to be implemented.”

Ngangan said that at the launching of the Central provincial audit committee in Port Moresby. 

He reminded financial officers to use the audit committees as tools to ensure services reached the people at the district and LLG levels.