Impose another lockdown


I WAS in a route 4 bus going to Gordon from Hanuabada and noticed buses picking passengers who had no masks on.
I read The National’s front page that the National Pandemic Response Controller David Manning has warned operators to adhere to the Covid-19 health measures.
Who is monitoring the PMVs?
There are too many restrictions but there is no one to enforce them.
The authorities have set the rules but they seem useless because not everyone is adhering to them.
Figures are increasing and I wonder if another lockdown will eventuate.
I think it’s better to impose a four-week lockdown so people can suffer and learn to follow rules.



  • These enforcers or implementers of the COVID – 19 control measures need to be given allowances and lunches to work. NO ALLOWANCES AND NO LUNCHES, WHO CARES? That’s the name of the game in today’s mentality.

  • Most Papua New Guinean’s are very ignorant people. Our government is trying it’s very best to save our lives by setting rules which are simple and clear but we are not following. I don’t think we need someone to implement but let us implement it ourselves for our own good.

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