Impose stiff penalties on drink driving

Letters, Normal

DEATHS and serious injuries caused by drink driving incidents are making headlines in the media lately.
Papua New Guineans have developed a poor attitude to the traffic rules and road safety codes.
Many traffic rules are being violated by many drivers. 
The traffic enforcing agencies have failed to play their roles competently by punishing the perpetrators.
In many cases that I have seen and heard, those caught drink driving or committing other traffic offences are let off after a long conversation, a handshake and exchange of money.
 To make matters worse, many road unworthy, defective vehicles are granted safety stickers and permit to be on the road.
Did the traffic and safety sticker issuing organisations do a thorough check of the vehicles before issuing the permit?
Or are they on the road as long as money speaks?
The slack and corrupt practices of authorities are also a cause of nasty road accidents.
The issue of drink driving cannot be taken lightly.
The proposals to carry out safety awareness and education will not solve anything.
What is needed is to impose stiffer penalties and ensure they are implemented.
If a person is caught breaking traffic rules, he/she has to face at least a maximum of two years imprisonment without bail.
Otherwise, we will continue to read and even become the next victim of drink driving. 

Nelson Kapia
Kemboli village, Ialibu