Impressive report shocks hospital CEO

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GOROKA General Hospital CEO Dr Joseph Apa and the hospital corporate services director Michael Makao were speechless when the permanent parliamentary Public Accounts Committee (PAC) recently announced its recognition of the hospital board and management as one of the five State agencies that performed well over the last four years.
Out of 900 State agencies, only five agencies, including the hospital, did well in managing their institutions.
The others are Bank of Papua New Guinea, Institute of Public Administration, Alotau General Hospital and Post PNG.
Dr Apa said he did not expect such recognition, saying it was one of the rare happenings where the committee had decided to congratulate state institutions which had performed well over the years.
“Usually, when the PAC summon institutions to appear before the committee, they always blast them, but this is a good step forward to encourage state agencies to shape up and work in a transparent manner so that they can be recognised,” he said.
Dr Apa extended his thanks to his hospital staff and board members for a job well done over the years.
“It is through honesty and faithfulness in work that reflects the outcome, and I would like to commend all hospital staff and board members for the good effort that brought a positive outcome to the reputation of the hospital,” Dr Apa said.
Goroka and Alotau general hospitals were the only hospitals out of the 19 provincial hospitals that performed well in terms of financial management and overall management of the State-owned medical institution.