Improve conditions at teacher colleges

Letters, Normal

The National, Monday July 15th, 2013

 THE future of our country hinges on the quality of education we give to our children.

We need to produce quality teachers to deliver good education.

There are four areas that Dr Michael Tapo needs to look at to improve teacher training.

Colleges are not enrolling quality trainees.

They are recruiting very few Grade 12 school-leavers but mostly Grade 8 and 10 leavers, many of whom submit forged documents.

Lecturers are recruited by the college’s governing council and not all are up to the task.

A body should be set up to look into this.

Clear guidelines should be set for primary school teachers wishing to lecture in teacher colleges.

Many lecturers do not really care about their responsibility. 

They are only interested in making the college their second village.

Locals will use external force to threaten the administration to ensure that they are appointed or retained.

Some have even used pastors to exert influence.

The new body suggested should also be in charge of postings and perhaps no lecturer should be allowed to remain at any particular college for more than five years.

There is a relationship between quality performance and new environment, change and a new administration. 

Conditions for lecturers must be improved.

It is absurd not to provide housing as lecturers have to use their free time to carry out their work, especially at night.

The education department should provide kina-for-kina funding to encourage colleges to build their own accommodation for lecturers.

If these areas can been addressed, I am confident we will see an improvement in the quality of lecturers.